Silent Spaces - The Documentary

Official Documentary
Project Overview
'Silent Spaces - The Documentary' tells the story of artists making sense of the COVID-19 pandemic which has temporarily shut their second homes, the places where they come to share their art with audiences. The documentary follows a diverse community of musicians and dancers as they re-enter and reclaim iconic cultural spaces across England to break their silence.
Director: Melanie Cura Daball
Director of Photography: Natalja Safronova
Starring: Soumik Datta & Souvid Datta
Co-Producer: WePresent
Co-Producer: Soumik Datta Arts
Production Company: SDFilms
Project Manager: Minal Mehta
Sound Design: Adam Woodhams
Performance Film Series
Series Producer & Documentary Director
Dec 2020 - May 2021
More on Silent Spaces

During lockdown 2020/2021,  we worked on this wild, exhausting and truly magical project, travelling across the Uk, opening doors to locked concert halls, museums and nightclubs to create a new, original 6 episode video series.

In SILENT SPACES more than 30 performers celebrate iconic cultural spaces  that have been out of action during the COVID-19 pandemic, while addressing pressing issues such as climate change, mental health, our relationships to our bodies and the plight of the arts during this challenging time.

Check out the branded content section to watch the full series or visit the YouTube Playlist.

Co-produced by - The British Museum | Royal Albert Hall | Sage Gateshead | Depot Mayfield | Hawkwood CFT | WePresent | Genesis Cinema | Network Rail | BBC Radio 3 | The Lexington | The Space | Arts Council England | Bagri Foundation | SD Films

Supported by - Dishoom | Timberland | Canning 24 | Yellow Cactus | PixiPixel | ProVision | Shift 4 | VI Rental